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Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) Enables the Right Action, Right Now

Success in any activity - from the practical to the creative - requires knowing what to do next. The key is having that knowledge at the time of maximum opportunity - the reason KaaS exists.

Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) is an on-demand, bite-sized, where-needed approach to skill acquisition. KaaS decouples help, training, and solution customization activities from monolithic projects and makes them available on a browsable, self-service, socially-networked basis through the cloud. The KaaS marketplace offers rich opportunities to discover and purchase knowledge directly from producers-whether help desk analysts, implementation consultants, or developers-as an alternative or precursor to traditional consulting and systems integration engagements. Moving from a knowledge delivery to a knowledge acquisition paradigm gives end users the ability to build their own IQs rather than depend exclusively on on-site consultants, thus driving down the costs of enterprise software implementations, upgrades, and customizations.

KaaS White Paper